Dear customer,

This webshop is to support RC pilots using OpenTX products.

FrSky, one of the brands strongly supporting OpenTX, has a special position. FrSky is an innovative company, that isn't afraid of releasing firmware upgrades on a regular basis for all of their firmware driven hardware, like radio's, receivers and more. Next to that, they support the use of an opensource radio firmware, called OpenTX, on all their radios. On all of the Taranis type radios, it is the pre-installed firmware. On the Horus type radio's, a proprietary firmware, called FrOS, is pre-installed, but flashing to OpenTX is fully supported.

All the FrSky products are really top price/quality!

However, it can be quite some work to get the latest firmwares collected and installed on all the components you are using. Then, OpenTX doesn't come with a predefined functional setup for your plane or other RC vehicle. It can be a steep learning curve to get the things how you want them to get flying.

If you don't like flashing, upgrading, modding, setting up a model from scratch in OpenTX, buying batteries elsewhere, then this is the place to be.

We offer all FrSky radio's and other frequently used components, and did all that fancy stuff for you. The extra's are called the JustFly upgrade package. It comes at a price, but it allows you to buy a radio system that has the batteries included, necessary modifications executed, SDcard pre-installed, latest firmwares, and tons of useful apps* on the radio, so you are ready to fly with minimal effort. 

It will take a few minutes to set up a glider, or a motor plane. But still OpenTX is there, as an unlimited resource of custom settings, for those who need them.

So, if you are mostly interested in flying, want to take advantage of top price/quality components, use telemetry where it is meant for, without a steep learning curve, and without spending money and time on putting your equipment together to just fly, you hit the spot.


Have Fun and Just FLy!



The JustFly Solution Apps offer a completely new experience on top of OpenTX, using a custom menu system. It restores a lot of the functionality you find in ordinary radios, and more, helping you to get flying in no time.